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Front end, back end or big data alike - If you're looking for IT Professionals to work for you directly or need to expand your team short term with consultant support we have you covered.

CAS understands IT Recruitment.

Understanding your requirement, culture and vision is key. Don’t worry about the jargon our recruiters know their stuff.

We understand DevOps like agile is how an organisation works not the person, we know its the most over used job title in IT recruitment, often because people don’t understand the difference between operations professionals and developers or they are looking for a magic unicorn.

Drilling down into your exact requirement is key to delivering successful results in IT Recruitment, its what we DO.

From a single hire to a fully managed recruitment service, you can benefit from our expertise in IT recruitment.  

  • Knowledgeable experienced recruiters, who know their stuff. Go Ahead & test us :)

CAS Recruits IT Professionals of All Disciplines
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Analytics & Business Intelligence

Network & Infrastructure

Software & Application Development

Cloud Systems

DevOps frontend

DevOps backend

Database Specialists

Security Specialists

Web Development


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