Recruiting Composites Professionals. Its What We DO

Composite Design & Manufacturing


Composite Design, development, manufacturing or repair specialists alike - If you're looking for composite focused professionals to work for you directly or have a short term requirement we have you covered.

CAS understands composites.

CAS has proudly supported our clients in both the aviation, motorsport, aerospace and defence industries with composite specialists.

Understanding your requirement, culture and vision is key. Don’t worry about the jargon our recruiters know their stuff many of whom have held careers as composite engineers. We understand design requirements, CFRP, GFRP, honeycomb structures, infusion etc because recruiting Composite professionals is what we DO.  

From a single hire to a fully managed recruitment service, you can benefit from our expertise in aviation operations recruitment.

  • Knowledgeable experienced recruiters, who know their stuff. Go Ahead & test us :)

CAS Recruits Composites Design & Production Professionals


Composite Technician

Autoclave Operator

Mould / Tooling Engineer

Composite Design Engineer

Composite Laminator (Wet Lay)

Composite Laminator (Pre-preg)

Composite Laminator (Infusion)

Composite Stress Engineer

Composite Trimmer

Composite Fitter

Composite Bonding

Composite Automation Engineer

Don’t see what you're looking for?…If it involves Composites we DO it


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Experts at Recruiting Composites Professionals