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Airlines, ACMI operators or Airport operators alike - If you're looking to recruit operations professionals to work for you directly or need short term contractor support - we have you covered.

CAS Understands Aviation Operations Recruitment

CAS has proudly supported clients recruit operations professionals predominantly within the Flight planning & Crewing functions. Whether your seeking a crewing analyst or a pre-ops controller we have you covered.

From a single hire to a fully managed recruitment service, you can benefit from our expertise in aviation operations recruitment.

Understanding your requirement, culture and vision is key. Don’t worry about the jargon our recruiters know their stuff many of whom have held careers within aviation. We understand regulatory requirements, FTL, JFP, FRMS etc because recruiting operations professionals is what we DO.  

  • Knowledgeable experienced recruiters, who know their stuff. Go Ahead & test us :)

CAS Recruits Airline Operations Professionals

Flight | Crewing | Ground


Flight Planner Controller

Assistant Flight Controller Planner

Flight Performance Analyst

Travel Planner

Crew Controller

Crew Planning

Crewing Analyst

Crew Training

Operations Controller

Airport Manager

Duty Manager

Training Manager

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