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CAS knows that in aviation flexibility is key. We know you need the flexibility and ability to deploy contract professionals in the short to medium term to supplement your regular staff during times of peak need or to work on special projects.

CAS’s niche aviation recruitment can find the right skills, experience and work engagement to meet your needs. Wether you need a B1 Aircraft Enginner, a Maintenance controller or flight control laws engineer - We have you covered.

Flexible, contract workers are tenured professionals who prefer to work on a flexible contracting basis, which provide them with flexibility and the opportunity to work on different projects.

CAS’s contract recruiting comes from our focus on our core areas of specialty, which are all within aviation and Engineering. All our recruiters have held professional aviation careers and are considered subject matter experts that utilise their experiance to recruit and vet high calibre candidates for you. These are pilots talking to pilots and engineers talking to engineers, you can be sure that they know their stuff before they step foot in your hanger, line station, ops room or head office.


Finding great talent is about finding the right fit. CAS’s professional recruiting staff can find you the right skills and help you fully evaluate the talent and the fit. Some additional benefits:

  • Hard to find professionals

  • Flexible duration, long or short-term.

  • All across the UK, Europe and internationally.

  • From one professional to large teams.

  • Competency based assessments by aviation professionals

  • Flexible engagements - power by the hour.

  • CAS Cloud giving you access to everything you need 24/7

  • Compliant with your screening, interview, assessment and regulatory requirements.

  • Flexible High Calibre Candidate Pool thats ready to hire.


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