Airbus Announce Final Assembly of First A330neo

The newest member of the wide body A330 family is in final assembly in Toulouse it has been confirmed.

Airbus are currently working on the joining of the wings to the centre fuselage at station 40 and already have a total of 186 A330neo on order from 10 lined up customers. 

In an online update Odile Jubécourt, Airbus Head of the A330neo programme said:

“We have started with a very tight development schedule and are today right on time. I am happy to say we are in good shape to meet the high standards of maturity and reliability our customers expect from us and I want to thank the teams for this outstanding achievement.” 

The new A330neo is set to reduce fuel consumption by a further 14 per cent per seat and expands its operators’ market opportunities by offering an additional 400 nautical miles range.

Not only versatile and reliable the new A330neo has the new AirSpace by Airbus cabin for the latest experience in cabin comfort and features a new A350-inspired wing with Sharklet wingtip devices for state-of-the-art aerodynamics. The new generation A330neo is the most profitable and best performing aircraft in its size category.

Airbus is a leading commercial aircraft manufacturer based in Toulouse, France and has sold over 16,300 aircraft to around 400 customers worldwide.

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