Boeing Confirms Plans to Open 737 Completion and Delivery Centre in China


Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visited Boeing’s widebody assembly complex on 23rd September. During his visit it was announced that several agreements between Boeing and China have been finalized and the go ahead for the opening of a 737 jet completion and delivery centre in China has been confirmed.

The new facility will be a major overseas commercial-aircraft project for Boeing and is said to increase the company’s access to the Chinese aviation market.

By 2018, Boeing plans to raise production of 42 jet deliveries to 52 and the opening of the centre will help to handle the higher production rates.

This year, China has already taken delivery of 155 aircraft making them Boeing’s biggest commercial customer. Although Boeing have not announced the exact amount that were previously ordered, the have stated that the new facility in China will not reduce 737 Program employment.

It has also been confirmed that Boeing are launching an initiative to develop biofuel from Chinese agricultural waste and improve air-traffic system efficiency.

Boeing is the one of world’s leading aerospace companies and the one of the largest manufacturers of commercial jetliners and military aircraft.

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