Ground Testing is now underway for the first full GE9X engine!

GE Aviation has confirmed ground testing has begun for the first full GE9X engine. The testing is taking place at Peebles Testing Operation in Ohio.

The GE9X engine, which will power Boeing’s new 77X aircraft, is said to feature a third-generation TAPS III combustor for high efficiency and low emissions and a next-generation 27:1 pressure-ratio 11-stage high-pressure compressor. 

It will also have the largest front fan (134 inches in diameter), a composite fan case, 16 fourth generation carbon fibre composite fan blades and will be the most fuel-efficient engine GE has ever produced.

The Boeing 777X is a new series of the Boeing 777 family under development and it will be one of the largest and most efficient twin-engine jets in the world.

General manager of the GE90/GE9X engine programs at GE Aviation, Bill Millhaem said:

“The entire GE9X team, from engineering to sourcing to supply chain to development assembly, devoted countless hours to enable this achievement to occur… The ground testing will generate data on the full engine system and aerodynamic performance, mechanical verification, and aero thermal system validation.”

Bob Feldmann, Boeing 777X vice president and general manager said:

"We would like to convey our congratulations to the GE team for its achievement of this milestone.” 

GE Aviation is a world-leading provider of jet engines, components and integrated systems for commercial and military aircraft as well as avionics, electrical power and mechanical systems for aircraft.

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