Why Is The Recruitment Industry Rotten To The Core? | Sharing Your Views So Far

We are approaching the half way mark in this editorial series.

Thank you to everyone who follows these editorials and takes time to comment. The last editorial had a great response from HR & PR Professionals, thank you for your emails.

At this point I would like to share with my readers a selection of comments and opinions that have been sent to me over the past few weeks.

There are a staggering number of people who have contacted me to share their personal experiences dealing with unethical behaviour in the recruitment industry. I give my sincere thanks to everyone following and sharing these editorials.

Due to confidentiality issues I am not able to attach any original emails or include any names but I have included my own thoughts on a selection of the comments made.

This Aircraft engineer shares his views about experienced engineers becoming priced out of the aviation market and replaced with unskilled or inexperienced labour as highlighted in my previous article   “Damage to Clients & their Industries with Potential Fatal Consequences”

An engineer vents his frustration here at the tick box culture that recruiters have when recruiting in an industry they have no knowledge or experience of. I find it ludicrous that in order to be a good recruiter you just have to be able to sell, sell, sell. I seen an advertisement today from a well-known recruitment company looking for graduate recruiters and it said the following:

GRADUATES: Have you got good chat?”

“Don’t worry about giving us your whole life story (we can read your CV later)”

How can someone with little or no knowledge of a subject or discipline interview or test that person’s competence? The simple answer is they can’t.

Do you think a Doctor would have the ability, the necessary knowledge and experience of aviation to interview and assess a pilot's competency or vice versa? The simple answer again is no.  

We are all engineers/technicians here at CAS Recruitment because we recruit for technical positions, which makes sense to us and our clients reap the benefits of our experience.

An Aircraft maintenance Manager explains his shocking experience, which unfortunately is not uncommon.

Vetting or checking a candidate’s references and credentials takes time but is a vital part of the process of recruitment. Unfortunately because it’s not seen as a revenue generator many put it on the back burner and take the candidate on his/her word putting the client at huge risk.

All of our candidates/contractors here at CAS are fully checked & vetted before the client receives a cv, yes it takes longer and we do occasionally lose business because of our stance in this area when a client is in a hurry, but we have never had an incident like this occur and none of our clients are ever put at risk.   

An Aircraft engineer who is disillusioned with current aviation apprenticeship schemes and believes the old BCAR licensing system was better than JAR and the now part 66 .  

Aircraft engineer expressing his concern for safety as recruitment agencies become ever increasingly involved in price work. I would share his concern, price work is designed to force work to be completed to deadline but there can never be a deadline as far as airworthiness and passenger safety is concerned. 

Here an aircraft engineer share's her opinion on recency and how in the contracting market it has become very difficult to stay current on type.  

In my previous editorials I have written about this increasingly common bad practice from recruiters, unfortunately it’s all about the billing cycle and increasing margins.

Here at CAS Recruitment we value everyone and treat everyone how we would like to be treated ourselves, all businesses have to make money to survive but in my opinion there are many ways to measure the success of a business and it’s not only on the profit it makes.

As you may already know, my aim with these editorials is to expose the unscrupulous and unethical behaviour that takes place within the recruitment industry and hopefully shed light on the damage it is causing to companies, candidates and the recruitment market as a whole. So far, I am overwhelmed at just how many people support my challenge and my vision on how the recruitment industry should actually operate.

In my opinion It’s about more than just recruitment. It’s about knowledge, hands-on experience and being trustworthy. It’s about using hands on experience to help clients achieve their vision and goals. Its about helping businesses find the best talent that can help them grow. It’s about valuing experienced and skilled candidates.

It’s about honesty and ethical behaviour above everything else. Simple really.

 CAS Recruitment is about ensuring clients get first-rate recruitment solutions, while the professionals who are doing the job stay fairly paid and valued always.

Our Promise to You

Honesty, integrity and responsibility

Here at CAS Recruitment we take great pride as a leader in our field of expertise, and we are responsible and accountable for the way in which we operate on a daily basis.

As a corporate entity and as individuals we will not practice nor tolerate unethical behaviour.

We will continually review our policies and working procedures to ensure we earn and maintain the trust of our employees, partners and clients.

We are dedicated to responsible marketing practices and we are committed to protecting privacy, personal and business data.

We have no conflicts of interest and will never knowingly misrepresent facts or subordinate our judgement to others.

We will never make, nor accept inducements to retain existing business, obtain new business or secure an improper advantage.

We will unwaveringly adhere to best business practice.

We will always behave professionally and with honesty – which we firmly believe to be the best policy.

Stephen Wilkinson

Managing Director

CAS Recruitment 

Thank you for your support throughout this series of editorials.

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