Why is the Recruitment Industry rotten to the core?

A strange title you would think from the MD of a technical recruitment company but I have never been one for mincing my words.

As an experienced aircraft engineer with a genuine passion for engineering I have worked for various recruitment agencies and managed projects throughout my career – many of which relied on manpower supplied by the agencies. Over the years I have become increasingly shocked, disheartened and fed up at their general incompetence, lack of technical knowledge and unethical behaviour.

In February 2014, I decided enough was enough and formed CAS Recruitment with the aim to provide clients with an ethically lead, trustful and transparent recruitment partner. One that will always stay focused on the clients business. I believe that by helping clients become more successful we in turn, will become successful and I am happy to say that our philosophy works. After all, our business is your business™.

After 18 months of working on the other side of the fence, my eyes have been truly opened to the shocking reality of the recruitment industry and the lengths that some will go to close a deal. The lack of consideration for the damage these lengths can cause to entire businesses, industries and candidates alike is nothing short of alarming.

Over the coming months, I am going to thoroughly cover a range of topics (listed below) in the form of weekly editorials.

These editorials will be the most controversial, exposing and brutally honest overviews of the recruitment industry you will ever read and will show you what to look for when using a recruiter and the warning signs you have a bad one.

I am currently a REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) committee member covering employment policy, and REC have been kind enough to provide statements on some of the listed topics, which I will also include.

Weekly Topics:

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