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What is a "RPO"

In short, RPO stand for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, which is the outsourcing of some or all components of internal recruiting for candidates who will become direct employees, including sourcing candidates through the offer and on-boarding process. It’s bringing our recruiting expertise where you need it most.

Our RPO solutions are tailored to your requirement. The RPO can either replace the need for internal sourcing or recruiting or can support your existing recruitment resources already in place. This can be for all your jobs or in certain areas such as the part 145 engineering function of an airline, but would be focused where you have challenges or critical needs.

In essence you would be doing more with less, increasing the quality of your candidates, and keeping costs in check with RPO solution from CAS.


What Type of RPO would work for us

Like many things in life, there isn’t a one size fits all solution - Every business has differing requirements and needs. There is a popular misconception that an RPO is just for the occasional permanent placement which is incorrect. An RPO partner brings their experience, expertise, defined process and accountability. CAS offer two different types of RPO solutions, and with the help of a CAS RPO expert, we can pinpoint the type of RPO to best suit your needs.

CAS offers the following RPO Solutions;

  • End to End RPO - CAS would carry conduct all your recruitment activities from start to Finish.

  • Project Team RPO - CAS would carry out recruitment for a specific area of the business or geographical location. For Example: CAS is responsible for recruiting all pilots within the United Kingdom and Germany.


How will a RPO make us more successful

“EEPPA” - Expertise, Experience, Performance, Process & Accountability.

We bring our recruitment expertise and aviation experiance to bear on your recruitment challenges, while designing or refining your processes and ensuring we are accountable for our performance. This performance-based approach means you get the most value for your recruiting investment. Here are some ways RPO can help:

  1. Sourcing high quality candidates for those hard to fill roles.

  2. Scale your recruitment when you need it.

  3. Helping to develop candidate brand awareness and engagement.

  4. Souring diverse employees in line with your equality and diversity policy.

  5. Manage interviews, pre-employment assessments including role specific competency based assessment.

  6. Perform new starter surveys, on-boarding and exit interviews.


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