MSP - Managed Service Provider. Its What We DO

What is a MSP

In short, MSP stands for Managed Service Provider, which means managing all temporary recruitment and taking responsibility for the ongoing management of the contingent workforce. MSP solutions typically include managing all contingent vacancies, from workforce or resource planning to off-boarding.

We can develop a managed services solution tailored to your needs because one size does not fit all. CAS would expertly manage your staffing supply chain while creating talent pools just for you. Everything is covered whether its contract workers, independent contractors, SOW engagements, two suppliers or ten.


What type of MSP would work for us

Every MSP solution provided by CAS is tailored to your exacting needs, no two business are same. It’s your solution and it will be unique to you. Here are a few of the typical ways we can work with you:

Vendor Neutral – Just like Switzerland, we remain neutral and get you the best suppliers available for your jobs wherever and whenever you need them. We run the program for you and keep the peace. You get the best the marketplace has to offer.

Hybrid – occasionally you may need a specialist or sometimes a generalist. We’ll make sure your workforce needs are taken care of by our experts.

Master Vendor – If you want to create a dedicated supply line without multiple suppliers and complexity, we can design a solution to deliver high calibre candidates directly to you.

We can develop a contingent workforce program for all your contract types, including payrollees, independent contractors and SOW engagements, without sacrificing quality while saving you money.

Managing suppliers, the on-boarding and reporting while tracking and off-boarding of contract workers is complex, but doesn’t have to be. As your MSP we can help you keep everything on track.


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