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Are You Facing Recruitment Challenges in Aviation?

We provide Human Resources & Hiring Managers with access to the Best Aviation & Engineering Professionals available along with industry insights and analysis to engage in effective Resource Planning.

CAS is proud to be the preferred supplier of choice to those in the aviation industry seeking to gain a competitive edge. We have supported clients like you within the aviation industry and Engineering sector to make effective long term hiring decisions.


"You Can Gain A Competitve Advantage with CAS"

Aviation Recruitment. Its What We DO


"Good Recruitment take's time & joint Effort"

Relationships and Recruitment go hand in hand. Thats why we invest our time getting to know your business, your requirements, your strategy and long term plans.

A partnerships with CAS will give you access to our enviable contacts, speed up the recruitment process and deliver consistently better recruitment outcomes when compared to other methods. Not to mention being more cost effective.

Partnering with CAS allows us to conduct extensive search’s on your behalf for any given requirement. This means we scour the whole market, actively head hunting the best available candidates, ensuring you get the best. When you combine our active head hunting approach, proprietary data driven resources and traditional recruitment methods you can be confident we have assessed the whole market on your behalf.

An additional benefit our clients enjoy from partnering with CAS is our data driven insights, analysis and understand of the aviation industry as a whole.

"Good Recruitment takes time & Joint Effort"