Technical Records Officer

CAS are extremely professional. Steve did his upmost to ensure I succeeded in securing my new role.

His knowledge and understanding of the aviation industry was excellent. Steve would take a call anytime to answer queries I had and made sure I was confident in my own abilities. 

I would highly recommend Steve and CAS recruitment!

-Maria Singh

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Head Administrator
Crew Controller

From start to finish, Stephen and CAS Recruitment haven’t been like other agencies I’ve dealt with. Through various conversations, emails/text exchanges you get the sense he actually cares about you, your application and the role he’s advertising for.

Real credit to him, and I hope every other aviation recruitment team is watching out there because you can learn a thing or two about this bloke!

-Dale Wilkinson

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Head Administrator
Fleet Performance Engineer

In today's world, it is quite rare to come across a person like Stephen. Over the year I had worked with some contractor agencies, but never had an experience that I had when Steve proposed me a position with BACF. 

To be honest, a lot of recruiters are only interested in making money but Steve is different, an excellent professional, that actually cares about the candidates. From day one, I had a great support and guidance from Steve, as a foreigner it is not easy to relocate to a new country, but with Steve’s help all went smooth.

Never had this kind of support from any other agency/recruiter.

I highly recommend Steve and CAS Recruitment!

- Jose Saraiva

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Head Administrator