CAS Recruitment Office building

CAS Recruitment specializes in supplying highly skilled individuals to all of our specialist divisions. These include Aviation, F1, Motorsport, Rail, Marine, Defense and Renewables.

Here at CAS we are proud to be the possessors of exemplary business values amassed over time from our own intimate technical knowledge and hands-on experience.

We are not like your typical technical recruiter, as we have over 30 years experience of working within the industries that we recruit for. We don’t just provide you with any old candidates we only provide handpicked personnel who are chosen by us to match your exacting requirements.

We pride ourselves in our expertise; not only in providing first-rate, unique recruitment solutions but also in our ability to source and supply vetted personnel worldwide in a compliant, legal manner adhering all local and international tax laws.

When quality and compliance matter, whether your staffing need is short or long term, trust in CAS to select the right solution tailored to your exact requirements. Call us now and experience the difference.