12 Month Candidate Guarantee With CAS Recruitment

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The Industry Standard 3 Month Candidate Guarantee

Choose The Industry Leading 12 Month Candidate Guarantee From CAS

Reducing Your Risk & Protecting Your Budget

What is the CAS 12 Month candidate Guarantee?

Simply put, it means that should a candidate we have recruited for you decide to leave, we will locate a replacement candidate to the same specification FREE of charge. Yes you read that correct FREE of charge up to 12 months*

If a candidate leaves within 12 months can I expect the same level of service we receive with a new engagement?

Most definitely. You will see no degradation in the level of service we provide, you will still receive the same high calibre candidates. Dont take our word for it, we asked a client that recently used the 12 month guarantee the following question. His response is below;

Do you Agree That the level of support CAS provided under our 12 month candidate guarantee was of the same high standard as our original recruitment campaign.

Definitely agree, it doesn’t matter if it is for additional roles or replacing a candidate during the guarantee period, the service and process is exactly the same. The same professionalism from start to finish is applied.
— Crew Resource Manager

"Just Like The Battery Bunny, We Go 3 x Longer Than The Industry Standard 3 Month Guarantee"

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